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Crafting Delight: My DIY Cupcake & Floral Champagne Bouquet Gift Adventure

Hey Besties, this is for my fellow gift enthusiasts! As someone who enjoys celebrating birthdays, I truly believe it's the one time of year we can set aside our own day-to-day happenings to focus on being kind to other people we hold close to our hearts. As my friend's birthday approached, I found myself on a mission to create something special—something thoughtful, useful, and, of course, budget-friendly.

Join me on this adventure as we turn ordinary cupcakes and flowers into an extraordinary Cupcake & Floral Champagne Bouquet.

Check out my video clip of this process on my TikTok

Part 1: The Hunt for Supplies:

I set out on the journey to gather the perfect supplies – considering the short time I had to create this masterpiece (5 hours), limited shekels I currently had available in my bank account, and the fact that I wasn't traveling all over my city just to get these items. I gave myself 3 stops: grocery store, liquor store, dollar store to procure the cupcakes, flowers, and all the essential tools. It was like preparing for a sweet and flowery adventure, armed with plastic wrap, skewers, ribbon, and a creative spirit.

What You'll Need:

  • Plastic wrap (from the Dollar store)

  • Long skewers (from the Dollar store)

  • Ribbon (from the Dollar store)

  • Gift wrap (from the Dollar store)

  • Cellophane (from the Dollar store)

  • Floral cube (from the Dollar store)

  • Cupcakes (from your local grocery store or bakery)

  • Flowers (from your local grocery store)

  • Champagne (from your local retailer)

Section 2: Embarking on the Journey

Step 1: Cupcake Adventure

Selecting your cupcakes is one of the fun parts. I was thankful to have found these flower frosted vanilla pink and yellows in the recently refrigerated bakery aisle at Stop & Shop.

Mix and match flavors to create a delightful variety that suits your taste buds. Whether you're feeling the baking spirit at home or want to indulge in some local bakery goodness, let the cupcakes add to the spotlight.

Step 2: Floral Symphony

Bring nature into the mix with a floral symphony. Choose fresh seasonal flowers that dance harmoniously with the colors of your cupcakes. I chose yellow and pink roses to blend with the cupcakes, baby's breath as a filler and some more green leaves to fill the spaces.

Measure the height and placement you'd like each stem to be placed on the block and then trim the stems and let your creative spirit flourish as you artfully arrange them in the floral cube, forming a beautiful foundation for your upcoming masterpiece.

Step 3: Champagne Bottle Connection

Let's get creative with the champagne bottle! Here's a not-pro tip: carve a small center section with scissors and gently use your body weight to shimmy the floral cube onto the bottle top. Ensure a tight and secure fit, poke holes for flower cube for breathing, and run water through the cube to absorb and retain freshness. Don't forget to wrap the foam cube attached to the bottle with plastic to capture any falling debris during this process.

Step 4: Cupcake Skewer Placement

Create your cupcake skewer placement by placing and marking where you want your skewers to go on your floral cube. When ready to add the cupcakes (I recommend doing this after setting a few flowers on the cube), take the long skewers you measured, cut to size with scissors or a sharp blade and carefully insert them into the center of each cupcake.

Ensure even spacing for a perfectly balanced visual treat. Looking back, I recommend placing a smaller foam cube as a bolster behind the cupcake to ease the weight on the stick.

Step 5: Fill it Up Buttercup

As you stick, poke, and place your varied florals and fillers be mindful to consider depth and height. Placing a shorter rose with a taller filler or a taller rose with a shorter filler avoiding perfection and leveling. The more varied in depths the better your bouquet will appear once its time to wrap.

Step 6: The Gift of Wrap

Looking back I would've selected an transparent gift wrap in order to showcase the bottle however this French bourgeoise tapestry pattern just did it for me. As a first time bouquet creator a major block that I encountered was not measuring the gift wrap to the entire size of the bouquet nor consulting YouTube due to my time crunch. In the future I will be sure to measure the gift wrap from the bottom, across the top of the bouquet and to the other side.

Folding the wrapping - Grab your wrapping paper and position it vertically. Fold up the bottom right of this paper about 6 inches. Place the bouquet right on top of this fold so that it's angled toward the top left-hand corner of the paper. Wrap the paper around the bouquet so that the petals and stems are completely covered.

Use this method for both your decoration wrap and protective clear wrap around your bouquet and viola you're done!


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