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A Journey: Will smudging your home create a positive living space?

In recent times, the practice of smudging homes has gained popularity on social media, becoming a "trendy" choice for many. Personally, I found myself on the fence about trying it, considering its resurgence and the varying cultural and religious perspectives associated with it.

I want to make it clear that if sagging your home aligns with your religion or culture, I respect that choice entirely. This article is not meant to criticize anyone's practices, but rather to share my experiences and insights, particularly for those who may be misinformed or seeking more information.

Having a Christian background, I initially perceived home smudging as a spiritual practice outside of my own beliefs. In our culture, adopting ritualistic practices, such as sagging your home to "create a positive space and keep out negative spirits and experiences," has become increasingly popular. The accessibility of sage bundles at local stores like Whole Foods adds to the appeal of trying it out.

For those eager to explore smudging without reservations, I encourage you to follow your heart, as it is your home. However, personally, after much contemplation, especially following a recent move, I needed to weigh the pros and cons.


1. I'd get to say I tried it.

2. The smudging tools are aesthetically pleasing and could enhance the ambiance of my home.

3. It might work if I approach it with belief.


1. Concerns about the lingering smell.

2. Engaging in a spiritual practice outside my Christian beliefs.

3. Doubts about its effectiveness.

While there are more technical considerations, let's get straight to the point.

Before moving into my new home, I dedicated a week to thorough cleaning and prayer, seeking protection from the Almighty. I developed a habit of cleanliness in others' homes and aimed to maintain a tidy and organized space, recognizing the positive impact it has on mood.

I faced challenges in a specific room, a bathroom without windows and poor circulation, resulting in a negative space after a night of illness. Cleaning it proved more complicated than anticipated, requiring multiple sessions throughout the day.

After much contemplation and prayer, I decided to try smudging. Since adopting this practice, the frequency of negative experiences in my home has diminished, although I acknowledge these experiences could be attributed to temporary emotional challenges.

My cleansing recipe involves three parts:

1. Cleaning top to bottom, allowing energy to flow through the home.

2. Prayer and expressions of gratitude for safety and shelter.

3. Using sage and Santo Palo for uplifting energies.

Creating a positive space extends beyond smudging; it involves clearing areas that disrupt the natural flow. I share my journey with the hope that it provides insights for those considering similar practices.

2024 update:

As my journey has evolved since the beginning of this article I've come to learn the historical context of smudging and how these ancient holistic practices have been used to heal and liberate many people of the global majority. Smudging has roots in various indigenous cultures, particularly in North America as well as in African cultures. In some African cultures, certain herbs may be burned as part of rituals related to healing, rites of passage, or communication with ancestors. Ancient Greeks and Romans considered sage a sacred herb, associating it with wisdom and longevity. In medieval Europe, it was cultivated for its medicinal uses.

As I'm learning the appropriate times to light incense, smudge, and give gratitude to my own ancestors through various practices it's allowed me to learn more about other cleansing herbs such as frankincense, sandalwood, dragon's blood and more. Learning that each herb carries its own meaning a with its intended use. This research has brought me to understand my own background more as an educated, privledged, Afrolatinx woman who is learning the journey to true wellness and spiritual freedom is the journey you have with under standing yourself.

As I continue to learn more and be open about the world around me this will forever be a working document of findings that I hope helps someone else on their own search for answers.

Best regards,


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