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Will saging your home create a positive living space?

As this practice has resurfaced on social media and is becoming “trendy” I was on the fence about trying myself honestly, truly.

If saging your home is a part of your religion/culture then more power to you. This article is in no way bashing your practices. This article is for the misinformed and ill-educated. How so ever, being a Christian with a religious background, I will say saging your home is a form of witchcraft.

It has become popular in our culture to take on witchcraft practices, saging your home to “create a positive space and keep out negative spirits and experiences” is one of them. Sage in a bundle ready to burn is easily accessible at your local Whole Foods so why wouldn’t you try it?

If saging is a practice you are urning to try and you hold no second thoughts about then by all means follow your heart boo. After all it is your house! I on the other hand, after months of tossing the idea back and forth especially after just moving into my new home needed to seriously weigh the pros and cons


  1. I’d get to say I tried it

  2. The smudging tools are super cute and it’d be great addition to my super zen home

  3. It might actually work if I believe



  1. My house will smell like weed (ignorantly thinking)

  2. I’d be opening a metaphorical door of a spiritual practice that I am not a part of b/c I’m a child of the Almighty God

  3. It wont work


There are more technical ideas I could add to the list but to save your eyes lets skip to the point.

Before I moved into my home I spent a week cleaning. Cleaning EVERYTHING from the baseboards to the highest cupboard and praying. Praying the God will allow the space and time He has given me be a home protected by His angels and covered in His will.

I created a habit in other people’s home to always clean up and be super organized so that even though personally I can be very lackadaisical with my own space I have already created the necessary habits to just be a clean person.

Almost all of my rooms have windows except for the bathroom. This room is a closet like structure with little to none circulation. Each room has a theme and a standard of tidiness because:

1. I live in the hood and bugs are everywhere

2. Having a clean space puts you in a better mood.

One weekend I had drank just a little too much in my own home and decided to do a hair tutorial whilst drinking. Once I was finished I went to sleep. Suddenly, I was woken up with sickness and ruined my new bed sheets. I tried cleaning these sheets in my still drunken stupor but I gave up and just hung the sheets from the tub. The next day this bathroom had hair and sickness wreaking all of it.

It was now a negative space.

To simply clean this space wasn’t as easy as one would think. I had to do 3 sessions of cleaning that basically lasted all day. Because this space is tiny, has items in it that do not flow with the vibe, color scheme, or fun shui of it then created a space of negativity. This can happen in any place of your home or work area.

I decided to smudge. This decision came after much prayer and open mindedness that "yes, I am on a journey of self discovery, and I must do what I feel will work best for me."

Since smudging, I have not have as many attacks as I once did upon first being in my home. However, these attacks cane be scientifically broken down into temporary depression however, I am not a certified physician.

My recipe of cleansing is:

1 Part - Cleaning top to bottom, letting energy flow through your home

2 Parts - Prayer and thankfulness to the Lord and your home for constant safety and shelter

3 Parts - Sage and Santo Palo for uplifting

Creating positive space doesn’t just happen with a smudging stick. It happens when you clear up areas that are not flowing.

I hope this article helps you :).



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