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20-Something & Money Conscience

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HELP! I'm managing my money by myself! No worries - Here's a crash course: In the some communities it's literally up to yourself to learn about managing your finances and smart investing for. It's a common thread in other communities to work hard for success and earn immense wealth, that pass down generation to generation. THIS IS NOT A MYTH, You can do this too! I'll give you action steps on how below. It is important to teach others how to sow good seeds and walk in their promises in good stewardship.

It is easy to earn.

20 somethings fail to realize that this is the time to learn and 30's is your time to earn. Learning about residual income is important. Most importantly, it's learning how to set a good foundation that is blessed with your money. To be transparent, I've made my own impulsive trial and error financial decisions and have been fooled by scammers, pyramid schemes, and apps.

What I learned - the worst thing I could do is allow my thirst for knowledge and education desist due to trial and error from constant battles and bruising.

But, the best solution I can give others who are in a similar mindset is to tithe first. Your greatest investment is in the Lord because he asked you to do so. Start learning about low risk apps like "Stash" and interest saving accounts. Then it's in your brand or company.

Finding the right company to grow your financial portfolio is important.

A company that values your work, gives you a decent return on investment at the start, has room for you to move up to earn more in, and keeps you motivated to work is what you're looking for Park Lane Jewelry is right here.

Earn a wardrobe of free jewelry and 20% commission to start. That surely beats punching a clock for limited hours and an even more limited pay check. So why not do both? Break out, kick back, and learn more about how you can join me on our quarterly vacations!

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